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Sick Baby
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My daemon is currently a hawk/falcon thing. Neat.

I'm exhausted right now. Both physically and mentally.

When Gabriel woke up this morning Rob noticed that he was under the weather. He's all congested and snuffly. Lots of mucus and some chest congestion as well. We'll watch him to see how he does, but we have a doctors appointment with the pediatrician on Friday anyway for his fifteen month check up.

Today I listened to the lecture on writing a Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure essay, read over the materials for the CL/CP essays, and studied the note cards I had made for CL/CP.

When my studying was done for the day it was time to do grocery shopping. It was pouring out. The three of us headed to the grocery store and we've learned that the best way to shop without Gabriel having a fit is to just keep moving. I run ahead and grab the items and when Rob gets to me they're put in the cart. About halfway through Gabriel gets a plastic jug of Cheerios to play with. Seems to work. Though it's a bitch coming out of the store with a baby and a cart full of groceries in the pouring rain. We really needed to shop today. But from now on we might want to skip it on days when it's pouring outside.

Our original plan was to cook tonight, but Rob and I were both tired and didn't want to bother. So, we ordered in Chinese. We watched American Idol and House and then gave the Poopchuck a bath. Now we're trying to get him to doze off so that we can get some sleep as well.

Oh, there's something I've been meaning to mention on here, but keep forgetting to. As pretty much all of you know, I'm in bar review now. So, please understand if your e-mails, phone calls, etc. are returned VERY long after they're sent or if they're not returned at all until the end of July / beginning of August. What little time I'm not spending studying is usually spent doing errands, spending time with my son, doing something to keep me sane, or sleeping. This applies to both family and friends.


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