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Update On Nana And Other Things
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My Mom called today with an update on my Nana. The anesthesiologist they had been dealing with yesterday was a dick. He was pissed that neither my Mom nor my Uncle would sign the consent form without talking to the doctor first. She wanted to discuss the risks of general with the doctor. My Dad had warned us about it. Apparently, with my Grandma Eleanor, general messed with her badly. She had hip surgery and before that was lucid, mobile, and even able to still drive. After coming out from the general she was no longer herself and has severe dementia. When I last visited her I wanted to cry because she was so different from the person I knew her as. There were brief times when she knew who I was and who Gabriel was, but those were only brief times. My Mom didn't want the same thing happening to her mother.

Today the blood thinner levels were low enough for surgery to be done and thank god that the anesthesiologist from yesterday was on his day off! They actually got someone who was compitent. My Mom and Uncle spoke with him and he agreed with them that my Nana should not have a general at her age if there is any other way to go. So, they did a spinal.

My Mom called me this afternoon after the surgery and when my Nana was back in her hospital room. Things had gone well. I haven't heard from my Mom since then, but she told me that no news would be good news because she'd be spending the night at the hospital. I'll get another update tomorrow. But as of now, it seems like the surgery went well and they were able to use a spinal and not have to do a general.


Once that load was off my mind, I was able to jump back into my studies (oh joy, more torts). I listened to the essay trainer lecture, went over the book materials, and studied my note cards. I also got all of the adult clothing laundry done.

Tonight we watched the results show of So You Think You Can Dance and gamed. I think Gabriel is part Banshee because he has the loudest screams that just go right through you.


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