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Sometimes No News Is Not Good News
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Today I finished up Torts (and am now done with MBE/Essay subjects... now it's essay only subjects). I wrote out my essay, sent it in for critique, read the model answer, and printed out my old Wills & Trusts bar review notes to help me supplement the Wills & Trusts outline I have from this bar review company.

We cooked in dinner tonight and I bathed the Poopchuck.

I hadn't heard anything from my Mom today so I called her this evening to see what was going on. I was assuming that no news was good news, but I was wrong. My Nana isn't doing too well. She's not very lucid and is in extreme pain. My Mom's not doing too well either. I offered to head out there again (and want to) but was told to hold off for now (apparently my Aunt Shirley might be visiting her soon). I don't want to go into the details of everything my Mom told me, I just can't right now. My Mom was crying during the phone conversation and apparently she was told it's rare for someone of my Nana's age (95) to pull through this all right. So, things are not good at the moment. Please continue to send good vibes to my Nana and to my Mom as well. They both really need them right now.


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