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Get Your Hand Out Of Your Diaper
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Gabriel doesn't like clothing any more. He's stripping down whenever he can and running around in his diaper. We make sure the diaper stays on even though he keeps trying to take it off. With as hot as it is in here, I don't blame him. However, when he's wearing nothing but a diaper he tends to have one hand down the back of it. I'm pretty sure that hand keeps creeping into his butt. We keep having to pull his hand out of his diaper because we just know that at some point he'll come out with a hand full of poop. And considering he now likes taking his food and putting it in Rob's and my mouth to feed us, he will probably try to feed us his poop if he ever digs some out of there. So, we now have to keep the baby's hand out of his butt and diaper.

Today I finished up with Wills & Trusts. I read over the study points, studied my notes, wrote out the sample essay, went over the model answer, and e-mailed my essay in for critique. When I was done with bar review stuff it was time for errands.

We went to the bank so I could make a deposit. We went to the post office. We went to an office supply store because we needed more black ink for the printer. And we brought dinner and Starbucks back home.

Tonight we watched So You Think You Can Dance (whenever I see krumping I think of the Hype Jingleberries from MadTv) and started with the first game for my new character. She nearly died after falling out of a tree, but it was still a great game.


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