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August Already
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It's August already? Sheesh. It feels like the beginning of 2007 wasn't all too long ago. But then again that could be because for the past three months I've had no life.

This morning Rob and I were talking in the bedroom while Gabriel was watching one of his Baby Einstein DVDs in the living room while sitting in his Elmo chair. All of a sudden he came running into the bedroom and handed Rob the remote control. His DVD had just ended and he wanted a new one.

Today we ran out on some errands. Even though our balcony is now screened in we keep getting big ass wasps out on it (not to mention the giant spider). So, we wanted something to help with the wasp problem because I'm allergic to their stings which means that Gabriel might be as well. We can't risk one of those things getting into the house. We made a quick stop by the bank and then headed to Menard's where we got wasp/yellowjacket traps and some other items we needed for around the house. There was a brief stop at the drug store (Rob ran in) and then we grabbed dinner and headed back home.

Tonight we watched So You Think You Can Dance. It was Rob's night to bathe the Poopchuck and once again he kept trying to put his face into the water. *sigh*

You know, this kid is scary smart. While the tub was running he opened one of the bathroom drawers and took out two bottles of hand lotion and tried to throw them into the tub. Rob told him no, that those tubes belonged in the drawer and not the tub and he put the tubes back into the drawer. Gabriel gave this some thought and then opened the drawer again and took everything out... except the two tubes Rob had told him belonged in the drawer. Rob then took them out and asked him if he forgot them. Gabriel put them back in the drawer. Yeah, scary smart baby.

Later tonight I need to finish up my character sheet for Rob's online Ravenloft game. It's going to be a huge game with various groups of people ending up in various domains. I'm playing a Healer. A *good* healer with exalted feats. Hell, she even glows with an inner goodness. Oh yeah, evil's going to track her down and try to kill her. This should be fun.

Earlier today I sent in my application (and was approved) for The Stand game on the same online roleplaying site. My jaw dropped when I saw someone was running a game based on Stephen King's "The Stand". I love the book and I love the movie. So, I'll be playing a Super Flu survivor... a disillusioned stripper. If anyone reading this is interested in online roleplaying games, let me know and I'll direct you to the site.


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