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We have a bit of a wasp problem going on here. As I've mentioned before, we have had our balcony screened in and for some reason we keep getting wasps in it. We put out a yellowjacket catcher last night and it's not doing much good at all. Our little buggers are showing no interest in it. If they were just confined to our balcony I could deal, at least I can choose not to go out there. However, today we found one INSIDE the house in Gabriel's room. That was bad. I'm deathly allergic to bees and wasps and if I get stung I have a very small window to get to the hospital before I die from my throat swelling up. Rob's thankfully not allergic to them. But, we don't know about Gabriel and that scares the hell out of me. That scares me way more than the thought of myself getting stung. I tend to have a problem having something in our house which could be potentially deadly to my son (and is deadly to me). Thankfully, Rob killed it, but still... now we have wasps IN the house. This is bad.

Today we ran out so that I could pick up my allergy pill prescription at the drug store and to grab foodage for dinner. Tonight we watched Big Brother 8 (my Mom got me hooked on the show back in the hotel) and So You Think You Can Dance. We also gamed.


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