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Nana Update
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Kat mentioned in a comment to my previous entry that I hadn't given a Nana update in awhile. Oops, sorry about that.

My Mom has a slight dilemma. My Nana's insurance will only cover part of the hospital stay. The part it won't cover is because of the hospital. The bedsore my Nana got from improper hospital care caused her to have to stay a lot longer than she normally would have had to stay. And that's the part the insurance won't cover. And it's a whole lot of money. I think at this point my Mom is going to see if the hospital will cover it due to their ineptness. Hopefully they will considering the fact that if they don't, my Nana probably does have a cause of action against them for it.

Nana is doing much better. Part of the reason she had such a problem was that she couldn't bear weight on her injured hip leg and she also couldn't bear weight on the leg that had the HUGE bedsore on the heel. Once the bedsore got better, she made a lot of progress. She's been doing physical therapy and has been able to walk somewhat. They don't think she will need to be moved to the physical rehab part of the hospital or to a rehab care facility. She should be checking out and heading back to my Mom's place on Sunday! Yay! We really want to head out to visit, but my Uncle Roy and my Aunt Jeane from California have dibs and will be coming out, I think, sometime next week. We want to head out as soon as we can after their stay.

Not much happened of interest today. Rob joined The Stand game I'm in online and mentioned that he had never read the book or seen the movie. So, I dug out my old VHS tapes of it and we watched the first hour. I love that movie.

So... I'm now addicted to McDonald's salads. How friggin' weird is that? They're soooo good. I've been having one of their veggie salads and a fruit salad for dessert for the past few days. I actually managed to drop a few pounds from it. While I know I can't just eat those, I think it makes for a decent dinner if I can drop a few pounds as well. Sweet. The gummi cola bottle addiction is another thing entirely...


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Read/Post Comments (2)

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