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Tasty Jen
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Itchy and Swollen

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Oh my God, this isn't even funny. We went to the Ren Faire yesterday and I was attacked by many mosquitos. This morning, I woke up covered in mosquito bites. Rob helped me count them. At last count (and new ones are still forming because it takes my body 24-48 hours for them to show up) there are 37 of them (and this doesn't include the ones I can feel on my scalp)! They're on my arms, back, chest, shoulders, legs, feet, and even my underarms!!! I itch everywhere and it's driving me nuts. We used half a tube of Benadryl to try and help them when I came out of the shower this morning. I'm allergic to the bites so they end up getting huge. Most of them are already the size of a quarter. By the time they get to their biggest I'll have them half dollar sized. On occasion some even swell outwards to the size of half a golf ball. This is ridiculous. Why not use bug spray on me next time? I'm also allergic to that. *sigh* I'm tempted to run out to the store and get bottles of Calamine lotion tomorrow, pour them into the tub, and bathe in the stuff. This itching is driving me nuts. Apparently, I'm super tasty to mosquitoes.

Neither Rob nor Gabriel have a single bite on them. If you ever want to not be bitten by a mosquito, just hang around me. They'll even ignore other people in order to eat me.

Oh sweet jesus, I itch.

Today we spent most of the day in. I just wasn't up for doing much of anything. We made a quickie run out for Starbucks and to grab some foodage and then came right back home. I stayed in the car the entire time being itchy.

Tonight we watched Big Brother and created my new D&D character. Her name is Regina and she's a Dread Necromancer / Warlock.

I spoke to my Dad today. He's working on a trial out in BFE Illinois. I told him about my Nana and we're working on a time when Rob, Gabriel, and I can visit Cheryl and him for a weekend at their place in Michigan. I also talked to my Mom and it looks like she's checking into having my Nana go into an assisted living place out by where I live. This area is where she used to live before moving in with my Mom. We're going to see when the two of them are coming out here to check things out. If it's soon, we'll meet up with them then. If not, we'll try and get out there soon. Things are tough right now.

Many thanks to the always amazing Lisa for the super sweet e-card. You're amazing.


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