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I still itch like all hell. More bites have erupted today and I itch head to toe. It's driving me up the wall. I look like I have a nasty case of the chicken pox. The bites are red and super big.

Today we did running around on errands. Our first stop was the post office. We needed to get our COBRA check mailed out and mail off Donna's belated b-day presents. I waited in the car with Gabriel while Rob ran inside to do the mailing. While I was waiting in the car, three mosquitoes came and sat on the closed window on my side of the car. They sat there staring at me. What the hell? I'm being stalked by mosquitoes.

After the post office we made a run to the drug store and this time I ran in while Rob and Gabriel waited in the car. Then we made a quickie grocery store run for a few items we needed and Rob did that run while I waited in the car with Gabriel. We then made a stop at home to unpack (so that things like the milk could be put in the fridge) and headed back out.

Once we were back out we made a run to Babies R Us. It's time to get Gabriel a potty chair. We're not having him try and use it yet, but we're getting him used to the idea of it. And thus begins the potty training. We also got a Backyardigans DVD and an Elmo Potty Training DVD as well. We went into West Allis to get some Long John Silvers to bring home for dinner and then headed back home.

Gabriel napped for a bit when we got home and so we flipped around the TV and found some really neat show about a guy who travels and eats the weirdest stuff. When Gabriel woke up we introduced him to his potty chair and had him watch some of the Elmo potty training DVD. We turned it off when he lost interest. Do you have any idea how funny it is to watch muppets talk about pee and poo? Oh yeah, we're real mature. *wink* At one point Gabriel took the potty chair apart and climbed into it. I don't think he understand what it's for just yet. After fun with the potty chair, Gabriel had his bath.


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