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My Car Is Dead
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I need a new car. I really, really need a new car. Yet again, my car is totally dead. The first time this happened they replaced the battery and told me everything would be fine. The second time this happened they told me to drive it at least every three days or so and everything would be fine. I wonder what they'll tell me this time. Maybe the place out here will be better, who knows. I'm betting there's some sort of problem with the electrical system. It was working fine a few days ago and now there's nothing. I can't open the doors with the remote locks. When I open the door there's no light. The security light is barely flashing. And when I try to start it nothing happens. Not even a peep. I don't know if I should bother to waste one of my AAA calls because I don't know if a jump will work. I'm going to give the dealer a call tomorrow, let them know what's wrong with it, and see if I can have it brought it (either by a jump or tow) on Thursday.

I need a new car. I can't keep going through this. While I think the stress of having a car that dies at random moments is more than enough reason to need a new car, there are others as well. If I pass the bar, I'll need a reliable car to get to job interviews. If I don't pass the bar, I won't be doing a home study bar review class again. I'll be doing a real class and that class is located in Madison (60+ miles away one way). I don't want to be stuck halfway across the state with a car that dies on me.

Nothing can really go right can it? *sigh* With the shit that's being dumped on me, my family, and my friends you would think it would end eventually... right?

Ever since I went down to the garage to find my car dead I've been having some asthma problems and non-stop heart palpitations. Oh, and I still itch. And it's hotter than hell out here and I can't shave. My legs and armpits are hairy (and so I have to wear cover-up clothes in the heat) because I can't shave over the mosquito bites.

So, we took Rob's car out today. We made a brief stop at the post office to get a bill mailed out and then headed to Perkin's for dinner. It's kids eat free night and we miss going out to eat. Gabriel was well behaved for the most part (there were a few incidents of screaming and one time he tried to eat his crayon) and even ate some of his dinner (we consider all the applesauce and one piece of chicken a victory). When we got home we started up the new game.

Is my having a working car too much to ask for???


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