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Crazy Baby On The Loose
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Stressed over my dead car.

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We have such a weird baby. Today, Gabriel chewed a breadstick to a sharp point. He then proceeded to close his eyes, put his arms out in front of him, and chase Rob around with the pointy breadstick. If he couldn't find him (or ran into something) he would take a quick peek to locate Rob, and then close his eyes and head after him. Rob made sure to get out of the way and not get stabbed with the breadstick. Though he did occasionally call out "polo" to Gabriel. We have a really weird kid.

Called the Lexus dealer today. They're sending someone out here tomorrow to try and jump it. If that doesn't work I'm assuming it will be towed. Hopefully, they can ressurect my car for a little while longer.

Today we made a run to the bank and to the mall. I needed to stop in the bookstore and pick up a few things. The main reason I was there was to get a Consumer Reports magazine on cars, on the off chance I can get a new working car sometime in the near future. While at the bookstore I also picked up a stuffed Tyrone and Pablo (from the Backyardigans) for Gabriel. I showed him both (those were the only two they had) and asked him which one he wanted. He grabbed both. So, he got both. We also picked up some Backyardigans books and some Baby Einstein tub books for him as well. Impulse buying for the baby. Woot! We also made a stop at Buddy Squirrel per my Mom's request. Nana will probably be moving into a care facility out near me sometime very soon (they're looking into as soon as Friday). My Mom wanted some nice munchies on hand for her. So, I picked up two boxes of sugar free chocolates, some sugar free hard candies, and some cashews. I got my Mom the anise candy she requested and Rob and I got a box of chocolates and some cashews for ourselves. When we were finished, we headed out of the mall. There was a brief stop at the drug store and then we headed back home for the night.

Tonight we just chilled out around the house and watched a Backyardigans video with Gabriel. That's one of the few kids shows that can be watched over and over without making an adult want to claw their eyes out. I gave the little Poopchuck a bath and he's already asleep!


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