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I have a headache and I'm exhausted. When Gabriel decides to go to sleep, I think I'll be passing out.

Gabriel is smart. Way too smart. He now knows how to open the cabinets with the child proof locks on them. Hell, I even have trouble getting those open. *sigh*

Around 12:45 this afternoon someone from the Lexus dealer came out to try and jump start my car. He noticed that the connections to the battery weren't tight and fixed that. The car was able to be jumped and I drove over to the dealer. Rob and Gabriel followed me in Rob's car. I figured it might take awhile for them to work on the car, and so I could get a lift home with Rob.

When I got there, the guy who jumped the car (who is also one of the mechanics) took my car in immediatly to check everything out. I mentioned John's thoughts on what might be the problem and they checked all that out. It didn't take very long and they were done even before I finished talking to the service rep. Everything checked out fine. I thought it wasn't normal for the car to be completely dead after only a few days of not driving it. They said it can happen at this age. There's a lot of computer stuff that drains the battery when it's sitting there. A newer car could go for a lot longer before needing to be started, but with one that's as old as mine is, it just can't go more than three days. Apparently it's an age thing and not something they can fix. If there are times I won't be home and can't start it every day or two, then they recommended I get something called a "trickle charger". Not sure what that is, but it's definitely something to look into. So yeah, my car's problem is due to old age and is just something that I'll keep having to deal with as long as I have it. Joy. I need a new car. Somehow, I highly doubt that will be happening anytime in the foreseeable future though.

One thing happened that greatly impressed me and made up my mind that if I ever can get a new car, it will be from this place. My car is very out of warranty. The jump service was going to be $90 and then whatever charge for checking everything out. The service rep and the mechanic told me not to worry about it. No paperwork or checking out was needed. They didn't charge me a thing. Not for the appointment and not for the jump start. Wow. I really like this place.

So, I found Rob and Gabriel in the waiting room and told him I didn't need the ride back and I was ready to go. However, my car needed to be driven for an hour now, more tonight, and more tomorrow to make sure the battery charged back up. So, I headed home and they followed me. When we got home we took my car out for an hour drive and then made a quick stop for a few items at the grocery store. We then headed back home.

Recently we ordered some Backyardigans wall stickers (we can't hang pictures on our walls because they're plaster and chunks come out if we put a nail in) for Gabriel's room. They arrived this morning and so we spent the afternoon decorating his bedroom. We had him watching some of his shows while we did the decorating because we wanted it to be a surprise for him. When we were halfway through, he pooped and needed to be changed. So, we brought him in with his eyes covered, and then uncovered his eyes when he got into his room. He saw the stickers we had put up so far and a huge grin came over his face. It was all worth it for the gianormous baby smile. After changing the poopy diaper, we finished decorating the room. From what we can tell, it was a success and he loves it.

When we were done decorating we headed out to pick up some Subway for dinner (needed to get my car out again as well) and then came back home. I got a lot of laundry done in the past few days. Yesterday I did up the sheets and all of our clothes. Today I did the baby laundry (both clothes and non-clothes), the guest towels, and the guest sheets. We watched Big Brother (rooting for Eval Dick) and Who Wants To Be A Superhero (rooting for Hygena) and gamed.

Things are a bit of a mess with my Nana. It looks like she'll be moving in to a care facility (the rehab section) in my area tomorrow. They needed to get her in before the 4th for Medicare reasons and this weekend is a holiday weekend. She's not happy about this and refuses to pick out anything she wants packed. She also really hurt my Mom by some of the things she's said to her. As much as I love my Nana, I really dislike the way she's acting to my Mom and some of the things she's saying to my Mom. My Mom has done so much more than most people would and she's taken care of my Nana until she just couldn't and still that's not enough. *sighs* Like I said, it's a mess.


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