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Broken Lamp
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The plans for Thanksgiving are set. We have our airline tickets and hotel reservations and will be out in NY for Thanksgiving. We lucked out and got the last seats on any plane going out there. Phew. Unfortunately, being Thanksgiving, we're being raped up the ass on the price of our airline tickets and hotel room.

It was 90 out today. Jesus creeping christ... 90. This is insane.

This morning Gabriel got to the living room lamp before we could and knocked the entire thing over. It fell and got all bent and weird. Being a hallogen light (which are prone enough to fires and the like) we didn't feel safe continuing to use it as a lamp anymore. So, our first errand today was to head to Menard's and get another lamp to replace it with.

Our second errand was at a local tailor's shop. I took in one of my suits to get altered. The sleeves of the jacket and the legs of the pants needed to be shortened. I'll be picking up the suit in a week and bringing over more for alterations. She was hesitant about being able to have it ready by Friday, but finally agreed to it. I think it's just one woman in the shop so I can see how she might get easily overwhelmed.

We then headed to another local Halloween shop and Rob ran in to see if he could find a costume. No luck again.

We then made a run into the Men's Wearhouse because I need proper suit hangers. They had super expensive (around $25 for ONE hanger) ones made of cedar. I don't need anything like that, just a regular suit hanger so I didn't get any there. I asked if they did women's suits (they have a big and tall area for men), but they don't. Gah.

We then went to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and I ran in to see if they had suit hangers. They did, and they were in packs of five for around six bucks a pack. So much better than the rip off ones at the Men's Wearhouse! So, I now have proper suit hangers.

We then made a stop at the ATM and headed on home.

Tonight we gamed and watched Moonlight. I'm really starting to like that show and I hope it doesn't get pulled like the majority of non-reality shows that I end up liking usually do.

Gabriel has taken to climbing everything he can. He can climb into his highchair on his own. He's also smart enough to know that if he pushes his highchair over to a baby gate, climbs on it from the side, and then climbs off of it from the front that he can get over a baby gate. *sigh* This kid is too smart for our own good.


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