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Staying In
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Last night I was putting the towels back on their racks and almost passed out. I started feeling very dizzy and when my ears starting ringing and my vision started blacking out I knew to immediatly sit down and put my head down. Luckily I didn't pass out.

However, all today I've been very dizzy. No more near passing out episodes, but I've felt dizzy, blah, and completely tired and exhausted. Rob let me sleep in today and even when I did get up I was still super tired. So, when Gabriel took a nap today, we brought him in bed with us and napped along with him. I didn't even shower until he woke up from his nap Due to my feeling tired, blah, and dizzy we thought it would be best to just stay in today.

Tonight we ordered in food for dinner, gamed, and washed up all the baby laundry.


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Read/Post Comments (1)

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