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What's your name?: Jennifer

Why were you named that?: My parents watched "Love Story" and liked the name.

Do you have any siblings?: Nope.

Are you a cuddler?: Big time. I'm a cuddle slut.

Favorite color?: Purple.

What does the 7th message in your inbox say?: Re: Quick Question.

Who is it from?: Berek

Where is your mom right now?: At her house. Probably watching TV.

Do you have any kids?: Yes, I have a 19 month old son named Gabriel.

Closest black object?: Cable modem box.

Closest silver object?: The computer.

Have you ever jumped a fence running from a cop?: Hell no.

Do you sing in the shower?: Rarely.

Do you own any pets?: I have a red male Abyssinian cat named Sydney.

How does your hair look right now?: Light blonde, curly, and just above my shoulders.

Have you ever been to a concert?: Yes, but not since 1992.

What are your fears?: Spiders and other insects.

When was the last time you pulled an all nighter?: I came close during bar review recently, but the last full all nighter was when I was studying for the CA bar in 2003.

What do you hear right now?: Gabriel's "Baby Einstein" DVD.

What drugs are in your system right now?: Allergy pill, asthma steroid inhaler, birth control pill, and Prilosec.

How many drugs have you done in the past week?: Every day I take my allergy meds, my asthma steroid inhaler, my birth control pill, and prilosec. I also take supplements in the form of acidophelus (probably spelled wrong), magnesium oxide, cranberry pills, and multivitamins.

What shirt are you wearing?: A blue tank top lounge around the house shirt with an angel on it.

Do you sing?: Not very well.

Ever been locked out of your house?: Back when I lived in Toluca Lake.

Last person you sent pictures to?: My Mom (sending her pics of Gabriel).

Last person you called?: My Mom (seeing how she was doing).

Who last called you?: Once again, my Mom (letting me know her MRI results).

Are you happy right now?: I'm all right.

Who did you last say you loved?: My hubby.

Would you die for someone?: Yes.

If so, who?: Gabriel, my Mom, and Rob.

Who wants to hang out with you tonight?: I'm hanging out with my hubby and son!

What do you smell right now?: Not much of anything.

Do you have to pee right now?: Nope.

What did you do last night?: Gamed some.

What are you going to do today?: Too late, it's night already. But I did some shopping errands earlier today.

If your last ex asked you back out, would you say yes?: No, I'm married. And even if I wasn't married, there's a reason he's an ex.

If you asked your last ex back out, would they say yes?: I don't know and I don't care.

Do you cuss?: All the fucking time.

What's your bed sheet color?: Navy blue.

Wall color?: Off-white.

What was your first pet's name?: Cat.

Do you have makeup on right now?: Nope.

What color do you perfer for you socks?: I hate socks and try to avoid wearing them whenever possible. When I do have to wear them, I prefer black.

Are you shy?: Sometimes.

Last beverage you consumed?: Crystal Light Immunity formula.

Favorite ice cream?: Peppermint.

Have you ever wanted to change the past?: Yes.

America or Canada?: America.

What if you found out you were adopted?: I'd be pissed that no one told me sooner.

Jeans or sweatpants?: Jeans.

Name 5 things in your room.: The bed, my stuffed okapi, my Windstone dragon hatchling statues, my cthulhu statue collection, and most of the time the cat.

Do you have socks on?: No.

Do you own any big sunglasses?: No.

Favorite TV show?: Svengoolie.

Black or white?: Black.

Do you miss someone right now?: My Mom.

Do you ever use sarcasm?: Yup.

Have you ever gone to school without makeup?: I go almost everywhere without makeup.

Who do you tell everything to?: My Mom and Rob.

Why do you tell them everything?: I trust them fully.

Have you ever laughed so hard you cried?: Many times.

Do you shower naked?: Um... yes. Who the hell doesn't shower naked?

What is your most expensive possession?: Probably my car. I can't think of anything else that I own that's worth more than a car.

Do you own an iPod?: Yes.

Do you like your music loud or soft?: Depends on the music.

What would you name your daughter?: Probably either Lily, Annabelle, or Kaylea.

What would you name your son?: I have a son and his name is Gabriel. If I ever have another boy his name will be Asher.

What were you doing an hour ago?: Watching Heroes.

Last movie you saw?: I watched part of The Lost World on TV last night.

What is your current worry?: Finding a job.

What is your eye color?: Greyish blue.

Did you like this survey?: It was fun.

Are you happy that it's over?: Yes, it was getting a bit long.

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