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Shopping Errands
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I'm still feeling dizzy, tired, and generally blah today. But, there were things that needed to be done and so I dragged my ass out of bed and faced the day. I wish I knew why I was so tired and dizzy. This sucks.

Our first stop today was at the Brookfield mall. I got some more sweater shells for under suits at Lane Bryant. I picked up a bunch of new pyjamas for Gabriel at Old Navy (all of his footsie ones are now too small). And I got a travel suit bag for taking my suit with me when I travel.

Our next stop was at the grocery store for a few items. And then our last stop was at Babies R Us for diapers. We then headed home to unload everything and for Rob to check his work e-mail and get something done for work.

After doing a few things at home we headed out to grab some foodage and then came back home with it.

Tonight I got some laundry done (our clothes) and we watched Heroes.


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