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Sinus Infection
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Well, at least now I know why I've been so damn exhausted and dizzy. I have a sinus infection. The tired all the time is from my body (which has a weak immune system to begin with) trying to fight it and the dizzy is because it's messing up my balance areas. Ugh.

Last night I kept smelling something in the house. It smelled rotten and was making me sick. Rob checked everywhere to see if the baby had stashed some rotting food but found nothing. He also couldn't smell anything. Turns out I was smelling the damn sinus infection. How sick is that?

To add to my tired and dizzy symptoms I now have a few other unpleasant ones. My head feels like it's going to pop. It feels like every upper tooth I have is infected and that the area above it is stuffed with asbestos. The pressure is horrible. I'm blowing out brown crap when I blow my nose. And I keep getting a migraine and nauseous from all of this.

I need to wait it out for now and see if it will go away without the help of antibiotics. I'm allergic to many different types of antibiotics and so I'm only put on them in emergency situations. Otherwise my body runs the risk of being immune to them which would mean that when I'm older no antibiotics (at least the ones that I'm not allergic to) would work for me anymore. Not a good thing. And so for now I just wait and hope I don't need antibiotics. I've had a few sinus infections and only once has it ever needed antibiotics to get rid of. Hopefully this will pass on its own.

So, I wasn't feeling up for doing anything today that didn't need to be done. We did need to head out to Menard's. We needed a new toilet seat because the plastic soft one that we have has a rip on it that hurts when it's sat upon. We also got another large garbage can to put our garbage out for the garbage man in. And we also got some caulk to try and re-seal our balcony with so that it's not always filled with wasps and beetles. The other day there was about 50 or so of them in there. Rob killed them all and five minutes later there were already ten more. Needless to say, I never go out on the balcony. I think having it screened in was a very bad idea.

Tonight we gamed and watched House. I also washed up the sheets.


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