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Hair and Mom
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So far today I've only had two breakdowns. One was in the hair salon and the other was when I had to tell my Nana what happened.

Earlier today I headed over to Carenza for a hair appointment. I'm glad I went to it and didn't cancel because it was nice to have a relaxing moment all to myself. At one point I had a bit of a breakdown, but the girl who did my hair completely understood. Kept the usual light blonde color and had some of the ends trimmed off. I love my hair when I come out of there. They style it straight and use a flat iron and it always looks amazing.

When my hair appointment was over with I headed to see my Nana. My other breakdown was when I had to tell her that my Grandma Eleanor died and the funeral would be next week.

Later on during the visit my Mom came by. She was getting into town today and we agreed to meet up at my Nana's place. Eventually Rob and Gabriel came by and so did my Uncle Kim. After visiting for awhile we headed out and my Mom met us back at our apartment.

After she got back we all headed out to grab some dinner to bring home with us. I'm currently trying to get a whole slew of things done for tomorrow. I've filled out my forms and written out my checks. I'm in the middle of doing laundry. Tomorrow I'll deal with packing.

On that note, I'll be off of here for a few days. Tomorrow we head into Madison and my swearing in ceremony is on Monday.

I've been thinking constantly about Eleanor. One of the things that keeps popping into my head are the card games we used to play. She would be in her lazy-boy style rocker/recliner and I would sit on the floor. We'd play Uno a lot and some Garfield card game that we both used to love. She never once let me win, even as a child. I had to work if I wanted to beat her. I loved that about her. I think the Garfield game was kind of like "go fish". I don't remember exactly what it was called, but I remember often saying "give me all your Pookies".


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