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In-Laws Days One and Two
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My in laws came into town yesterday. This consisted of my Mother in Law Linda, my Father in Law Charles, my Sister in Law Ellen, and my other Sister in Law Donna. Luckily, I had the time for my salon appointment in the morning and even some time to do my nails (hot pink zebra, there's a picture on facebook) before they got into town.

We got together for dinner at Perkin's because it was close to their hotel. Gabriel was well behaved and dinner was decent. It's Perkins, what do you expect. After dinner they headed back to their hotel room and we headed home. It was already pretty late.

Today before they came over Gabriel got his Easter Basket (a chocolate zombie bunny, a stuffed zombie monkey, a stuffed brain cell, a whole lot of chocolate eggs, all in an Elmo basket). Rob also got his birthday presents. I got him a pair of Nike's, a mini Worrible named Steve, a pocket ninja, and a pocket anti-ninja. Gabriel got Rob a mini Squishable mallard.

We were told that they would be here at 12:30pm. They arrived at our apartment at 11:45am, so I wasn't even close to ready and still needed to take my car out for a run. I don't think they were too happy with that (Rob's mother even made the comment to him that his grandmother would roll over in her grave if she knew I wasn't with him on his birthday - I was out for 20 minutes and that's it). I would have been ready had they been here at the promised time of 12:30pm.

Nothing was open today, so we hung around the house and talked and caught up on things. For a while Gabriel and the others headed out for some kite flying, because it's Spring and the trees are budding I didn't want my asthma to kick in and ruin the rest of the day, so I stayed in the indoors.

Dinner was had around 3pm at the Machine Shed and was very good. Gabriel wouldn't eat (he didn't like their kind of macaroni and cheese) and then fell asleep at the table. Dinner went well all in all and afterwards they headed back to the hotel and we headed home. I'm currently working on laundry.

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