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Doctor Visit
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So, the Cymbalta seems to be working well, so for now I'm sticking with it. I have much less minor aches and pains, I can get up in the morning without hurting, my headaches are less, and the IBS is pretty much gone. Granted, there are side effects. Instead of making me calm or sleepy it makes me hyper. While the IBS is gone, it's gone the opposite route. Also, there's always a weird metallic taste in my mouth which makes almost all food taste gross and if I eat solid food, I become nauseous. I'm fine with that though because in the past six weeks I've been able to lose 25 pounds because of that side effect. I can barely stomach food so my breakfast and lunch is a Special K Protein Shake and then I force myself to eat real food for dinner so my body doesn't go into starvation mode (where it loses no weight at all). I'll have a recheck in another six months or so. There's no guarantee I'll keep losing weight or won't gain it back, but if I can keep losing I'll be a very happy girl.

Also, since the Fiorcet doesn't work for my mega migrains (only tension headaches) and since Tylenol doesn't work for my bad fibro pains (and you can't use NSAIDs with Cymbalta), I'm now on Vicodin for the really bad pains. Here's to hoping that works.

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