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dead marry news yay!
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We just got back from dinner at Buddy's, a local watering hole named after a dog, and came home to really great news for Christopher. Which I'll say nothing more of here -- he can announce it on UnCommonwealth. But yay! I instinctively knew this, this is why I bought champagne tonight for no real reason.

George got a piece of news too, in the form of a peanut butter bone. He's devouring it right now.

We also (in between Netflixes) broke down and stopped by Blockbuster and got three movies that are sure to be disappointing -- LE DIVORCE, SYLVIA and THE MATRIX sequel. Hmmm... The flesh is weak.

I have links -- more later, though I will probably be even more buzzed and not spelling well. For now, the dead can marry in France says the NYTimes. This means they really are way ahead of. You realize that, right?

FULL DISCLOSURE: Just in case you don't read Maud Newton's blog (why not?), Stephany Aulenback who handles her blog on Fridays asked for stories about wanting books returned or not having returned books and I sent in a note about my checkered library history which you can read here. Don't hate me. Full disclosure!

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