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Saturday was our idea of a good time, reading, working, some music, coffee. All day. Not another soul spoken to. Spent, dunno, 4, 5 hours and weaseled through, perhaps, 16 characters. The first verse of I John, and I already knew what it meant... no, the first half of the first verse. But, I figure, there's no substitute for doing a thing, and doing it badly is how you're going to start off anyway. I am remembering, however, why I didn't keep up with my Greek -- it's aggravating, and time-consuming, and a lot of work for little payoff (Heden Sie dein Hander hoch!). But then I remember, that's the point of the exercise -- to make it easier to do, when it's useful to do the language bits without distracting from the meaning which is supposed to be communicated by it.

I also realized I miss having the proper tools for the job; with Greek, I had Middle Liddell, and The Blessed Book of Marinone and Guala on verbs, but now I'm operating with just a single rather small, albeit very good, dictionary, and a little wordbook. Even guessing at the letters requires me to coordinate among 3 dummies-type books to decipher the font variations. I don't even have the linguistic background to guess me way through, like in Greek or Latin. I'm taking it as a test of my own seriousness. I don't have to do this crap for any grades or deadlines, and I have other whims I can indulge at any time (indeed, i could talk about myself instead...). If I can get through the easy books, and hold on that long (at my current rate, that will be some time...), I'll have proved some kind of point, to myself, if no one else, and learned something in the process. A winning method, if I do say so myself. In fact, it's probably put up or shut up time tonight, considering I blew $8+ yesterday on copies for this little project.

The women in your scrapbook

whom you still praise and blame,

you say they chained you to your fingernails

and you climb the halls of fame.

Oh but here, right here,

between the peanuts and the cage,

between the darkness and the stage,

between the hour and the age,

once again, once again,

love calls you by your name.
-- Leonard Cohen, "Love Calls You By Your Name"

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