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The Dare, Day The Second

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biting off too much?

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So, on the second day of The Dare, I first actually officially signed on. A great first step, really.

Second, I went to lunch and scrawled out a semi-outline-y thingy for the preliminaries of the I.Sam commentary. There's three parts, done as questions along the lines of "What Has Gone Before", "Who Are These People?", and "What Forces Are At Work?" Should cover all the background-y stuff. Though I might actually write the parts on the characters, for instance, after the body of the commentary, once I figure out who they in fact are. I just want enough context for readers to carry on with the story, and not enough to chase rabbit trails like composition and dating and all that crud. (Not that those things are worthless, but they're for specialists, not readers.)

Third, I discovered that I Samuel has 31 chapters. Easily one a day. And I haven't commented a lick on the text yet. Though I looked at chapters 1 and 2 last night before turning out the lights...

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