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One Cloud of Smoke, Two Fires

Los Angeles is covered in this thick brown haze... and not the thick brown haze of smog we're used to. It's an entirely different kind of thick brown haze. The Angeles National Forest (yes, we have trees here) is on fire. I don't know the current extent of the damage, but I didn't realize how big it was until I was driving to the dojang last night and I was outside of it. There is an amazingly large cloud of brown smoke trailing from the Angeles mountains and completely enveloping Los Angeles. It's really eerie, and not to mention unhealthy.

The second fire happened at work... one of the big head honchos at work just got the axe and it doesn't look good for the rest of us. :( I've been nervous for a long time, but I'm down right scared now.

I also talked to one of my friends who reported to the guy who got fired, and it turns out there is a whole bunch of nasty cover-ups and back-stabbing that happened. When did common human decency leave the workplace?

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