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melodramatic quasi-theology
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so this reminded me, what I meant by "might-as-well-kill-yourself-now-cause-its-all-over" perfect" is my task (?) to search for perfection of everything. To find The Song. The Movie. The Theology...


So many thoughts - having trouble making this one sit still for me, and beg.

So I find myself evaluating "like things" on a simlar scale comparing them to a greater creation that is hinted at but not completely revealed in the stuff we have around today. So the movie was good, because it was really close to the movie it is suppose to be, /logic. So I say something is good - but that evaluation is based on how well does it reflect what it is trying to say. How true is it to its message. Its Message.

I hadn't realized how often I was doing this until I started writing it down here.

Also, its wrapped up in that perfection of the ages. Something along the lines of "once we find it all prefected - it will end." Could you imagine? Being surrounded by all things true? We would all die! We would all cease to exist from its clamour.

so - the perfection of time or the perfection of the ages, in any case, the End Times, will end in perfection. Of everything. All these things that are mediocre replicas of Things, will be revealed and we will see what they truly are. And they will be heartbreakling beautiful. And Horrible. Terrible grace.

/dramaitc mood lighting

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