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sleepy *blink*
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so I sit at the keyboard the way I use to sit at the piano. Organizing my thoughts before falling headfirst into what I'm playing. And blundering my way through the song.

Imprefect vessel.

Yesterday was an example of why one person can not run the office. If nothing else I'd like some front desk staff to hold down the fort and re-direct folks when I'm in meetings. But there aren't many days like this anymore. And a lot of it was esasterbated because I was going to be out today. I also picked up bryan's bad vibe and ran with it. (hate being an F sometimes)

The good news was I actually won in the tournement against rottgrub, mainly because he wasn't paying attention, BUT WHOSE COUNTING. ;)

I won. <-- bad winner. *dance*

I got knocked out in the next round, but I think on the whole this has been a good run of pool, and it makes me want to actually learn how to play pool, instead of "intuiting" the physics. :P Maybe after school....

Got my last english paperback - dude, I love this man. He was all happy about the icon idea and was really a joy to read after this shite day. *big fucking grin*

Chesh FINALLY came over last night and we went over a few things for her next film, which Guru will be starring in. It's going to be so much fun! and I will be in florida. Well, maybe it is better this way. It was great to talk to her in person. We've been virtual friends for an age, because of all of our other commitments. It was nice to gab a bit. I also learned that she is of the next generation of videographers who understand the technology needed from getting from video to digital. WOot! I can finally burn that student film to cd. [ Very happy about that. ]

The last time I worked with video was nigh on 5 years ago. Back when video was the best medium out there because it was cheap. Right before digital really came into its own.

I hope the shoot goes well for her. I don't envy her the effort of herding all these "cats" into their scenes. I really want to see her last film. (She's going to be dumping things from super-8 to mov at some point)

So I'm off to fL for a week see the folks. pet the rabid dog. I want to see them, I'm really burnt out. But then again - so are they.

Speaking of which, I should probably pack. (leaving in 1 hour)

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