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i hate it here
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So i had that pop of realization today. I was sitting at the lab meeting, and my brain just sort of went *pop*, and I said, "Ya know? I really hate this place."

The people as individuals are great, but the lab all together is just starting to bum me out. Same blind spots - same conversations. After the 8th time of walking into the pot hole you'd think someone would walk up and notice?

So the Easter Bunny just spread a little easter around the office. It involved plastic eggs and paper grass. *big grin* It will be a bitch to clean up, but it was worth it.

Got a call from my art dir checking to confirm my internship was all set. I told her I had never heard back from these people. Oh. I'll Call you back. *click* I'm sure this will get worked out, but I was glad for her follow up.

Got straight (ish) A's this quarter and got my gpa back up to 3.8. I dipped there for a little bit. I wanted to be dean's list the entire time, but that is because I am a greedy bastard.

Good news for Guru! The thesis draft came back and we have passed hurdle 1. The rest is all down hill from here. Just revising until May. So this means he will mostly likely graduate this Spring. Contact him directly if you'd be interested in seeing a portion of his thesis, or be a reader.

Easter dinner is going to be exciting, but I think we have worked out the details with the J's. I'm bringing my dad's secert cheesecake -- so secret he sometimes forgets the measurements. My plan is to pry the information out of my mother before Sunday.

We manage to avoid the 15 person gala of spring at the barr's. As guru put it, "will there be a hallway where we can quiver?"

Speaking of guru (i.e. screw you people), I'm going to go watch kirosawa with my hubby.

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