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In a perfect world, things would happen like this:
I would get money for work I did, not the work I spent an hour and half trying to convince you that you need.

I guess this should really be in the other journal, but it seems so similar to personal drivel, I thought I would included it here.
mope.cat {
rant:"current job";
kvetch: "finding new job";
forget: "wheels spinning because decision is made }

<job class="mope">Insert gnah gnah sounds </job>
End Job Rant.

In other news, I did the second session of ES this weekend and boy did that turn into a roleplaying fiasco from hell. I doled out extra XP to keep from getting lynched by my player characters. They might tell you it wasn't that bad. They are being kind.

Have you ever had a game fly wildly out of control? In such away, that the players dive off the path and accidentally wander on to the access road to the Plot (tm)?


Um...yeah you can do that. *ducks under table*

To its credit, the extended role-playing, character interaction session did reveal things about the characters in such a way that was very nice and subtle. I've tried hard to let the players reveal information at their discretion. Everyone needs a secret. And there were a few character specific notes (a tattoo for instance) that really just made the situation ten times more ironic then it initally would have been. It was so much fun.

So the next session needs to be a bit more hands on to give everyone a break from "character building activites" but also does not end up with the party:

  • on the run infront of a mob
  • strung up after being caught by said mob
  • bored

I'm having trouble finding the middle ground here.

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What's Playing: Scenic Route (Lost Dogs)
Book: Roadwork (King)
Film/TV: X2:XMen (awsome movie), SuperTroopers (funny)

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