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We are are back from the lovely state of OR!

And ooooh was it lovely. Guru and I were away for the second week of July, after a great visit from my mom the first week of July. We were out visiting the wetzels, and looking at lots of sea and seafoam, sand and cobbles, lighthouses and evergreens. And Rocks. Lots and lots of rocks. It was 70 most days and sunny. Just a wonderful time to go on a family vacation in the wilderness. Ok, maybe more like 50% wilderness, 50% gift shops. We met up with guru's folks who drove from Mich to pick us up in Portland. We went up to Mt. Saint Helen's, and then basically went up and down the coastline between Eugene and Salem. If I had a place I'd like to spend more time, it would be this little town on the coast.

We got back last night, hitched a ride with yaga and crashed almost immediately. Nothing so dreadful as walking into 70% weather with 80% humitity at 11 at night. Oh, well, won't be a problem for very much longer. Woke up this morning to the trash people, faily disoriented. Not sure what day it was. Is. Yeah.

The visit with my mom was also really great. We did get to see 1776 as well as eat out at a lot of good different food places. We got some awsome seats. Dead center, center balcony. It was a really fascinating production. We also got to wander around in one of Pgh's good old theaters, where they have old smoking lounges and sitting rooms. You really could imagine 1920's bankers, lawyers, and aristocrats wandering around the place. I mean, I'm glad that society is not as prominant for the sake of the regular-old joe worker in Pgh, but its still pretty impressive the relects that age left behind. /end goosh.

It was only blastingly hot one day, but we got through it and still had a nice evening. And my mom finally got to meet our God sons and their parents for a few hours. Didnt' really see offical fireworks for the 4th, but the show more than made up for it.

We are now moving in September to Denver, so if anyone has been coveting our apartment, let me know. :) I hope to get a little bit better grip on moving options, though we will actually not have a place set up until August/Sept.

I'm also struggling with letting guru drive this ministry, calling, whatnot. It wouldn't be so bad if I knew he didn't have trouble remembering to send thank you cards. :/ Not sure how I can help without being overbearing (or overwhelmed by the scope of the thing). So I will go off and try and get some laundry done. See how much sand we brought back from the west coast.

And a little fun flash game for you:

Smore Wars!

What's Playing: Come out and Play (The Offspring)
Books: Excession (Banks), also finished HP:Chamber of Secrets (Rowling),Consider Phlebas (Banks)
Film/TV: (from imdb.com) Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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