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Too Darned Hot!
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It was about 96 today.

I have this terrible feeling that my little room AC (in my office) has bitten the dust. It's more than ten years old--don't they manufacture things to last any more?

Anyway, my biggest problem will be finding someone who can replace it. Buying another unit will not be a problem--I think I saw some 110V AC units in WalMart.

At the moment I have it on high fan, and I brought in a small box fan which is blowing on my back. I think that until I replace the AC I'll be doing more internetting during the morning hours. Add one more errand to my tomorrow list.

Of course, I can always internet at PJ's--that's the main reason I bought the laptop, although now I have electricity and internet at home, unlike when I bought it.

Not much going on today. It's still really quiet at work, what with it being a summer semester and vacation time for the archivist. I keep plugging away at the boxes of files. I finished another one this afternoon and began digging through the fourth of five boxes from the Development Office.

"Development" is a fancy way of saying fund-raising, and do they ever keep records of who has given how much, not to mention (when it's a major donor) a bit of research into the potential for even more in the way of gifts. The latest box has mostly computer print-outs--stacks of them. My challenge is to get them a bit more orderly and to catalogue just what information is available. I'm off to a good start on that.

Fabian was cuddly again last night. I've found the couch gives me an ideal sleeping position. I toss a sheet over me and have the den fan going. Somehow, I think it's the fan that is attracting Fabian rather than me. If I didn't have the sheet over me I'd probably wake up bathed in sweat and orange cat hair.

"They" have finally started to get the old telephone cables dragged off the triangle area across from me. My tentative plan was to see if they could be cut with a hacksaw. If so, I'd hack them into workable lengths and drag them out myself. Of course, this was before my leg started acting up, but I'd still have been able to do the hacksaw thing, if it did, indeed, cut cables. (These cables are about an inch in diameter.)

I can feel myself beginning to "glow" so I should probably quit now. The other side of the house, where the den and my bedroom are, does not get the afternoon and setting sun.

(Horses sweat, gentlmen perspire, and ladies glow.)

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