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Even Hotter
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But--help may be on the way. Tomorrow morning I do my grocery shopping at WalMArt. And I know exactly which aisle has not only fans but small AC units. I shall check them out very carefully, making sure my choice more or less matches the measurements of the current unit. Since it won't fit in the electric shopping cart, I'll have to get someone to carry it to the checkout and then out to my car. Shouldn't be a problem.

YD said she and family will be down in the afternoon so she can put Word on my laptop. If I buy the unit in the morning then SIL and YD can wrestle it into place. I hope. (Note to self: VACUUM!!!)

Another book I'd ordered arrived today and I spent lunch and PJ's reading it. It's about gender and archaeology and quite thought-provoking.

Monday is a doctor's appointment and I plan to carry a good book with me and renew my driver's license after the appointment. I wonder how long THAT will take. (I must remember to get extra cash at WalMart tomorrow so I can pay for it. They don't take checks.) I don't think Louisiana does driving retests for 70+. Anyway, I won't be 70 for another nine days.

The squirrels and birds are having a marvelous time with my gone-to-seed rye grass. That's good eating! So far, Bad Cat has merely observed them. Her latest "trick" is to jump up onto the steps' handrail, which is quite smooth, of course, then walk up it till she's on the horizontal rail at the edge of the porch. I'm not sure how she manages not to slip.

Tropical watch has begun with a storm in the Caribbean. It's currently drowning western Cuba, and is curving towards southern Florida. I'll have to add my favorite hurricane link to the "links" section, although I'm not sure this storm is on it yet. One aspect of living in tropical weather areas is that you know a whole lot more about tropical storms and their patterns than people in Colorado, for instance. We've come a long way since the printed weather maps with the isotherms and isobars.

Today's high in Audubon Park was 99 (F). We could sure use a bit of rain, but the high pressure that is giving us all this dry weather is also keeping that tropical depression away from here.

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