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Not at my home, but at the Women's Center. The national convention of librarians is currently taking place in New Orleans, with about 18,000 attendees. And these people are going out of their way to help the libraries that got flooded in New Orleans and the Gulf Coast. Over the weekend one group completely restocked and reshelved a newly restored library in New Orleans. There have been visits to the Gulf Coast by teams of conventioneers. And Laura Bush was in town today.

Tomorrow they will be at the Newcomb Center for Research on Women. They will have plenty to do. When I arrived at work this morning there was a huge moving-type truck in front of the building with about 8 - 10 guys hanging around in the building lobby. It was from the flood remediation company that has had our archives, books, and soggy whatever since Katrina. The crew spent about six hours unloading stuff, much of which had to be carried up that 19 step flight of stairs. I'm sure an equal amount went to the downstairs storage.

This is what the librarians will be helping with tomorrow. In a way I sort of wish I could see what they're doing, but I have another commitment and that takes care of that semi-plan.

But I'm sure I'll hear all about it on Wednesday.

I spent part of today making labels for these returned boxes. And I also did some highly technical work for labelling stacks. Theresa typed up numbers for the stacks, then enlarged them on the computer. I got to cut them out!

My drives were uneventual, except that on the way home a tiny pebble got kicked up against my windshield. The crack is about seven inches long. Tomorrow there will also be a couple of phone calls and, with luck, a trip to the glass place. It couldn't be one of those dings that gets fixed for free (when you have insurance) right there in your driveway--no, it has to be a biggie. (I'll bet I have to pay another ten bucks for a new inspection sticker, and the current one is only five months old.)

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