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I keep thinking it's Saturday. Or maybe Sunday. Not the middle of the week (sort of).

I had my usual not-a-work-day day. Did stuff around the house in the morning, had a late-ish lunch at Arby's and read a geek book, then over to PJ's where I continued reading that book while draped over the comfy big chair. In odd moments I planned What To Wear for tomorrow.

I am not in the habit of dressing sort-of-professionally during the summer and this working stuff is taxing my creativity. Mostly it's light-weight slacks (of which I have a limited number) with a sleeveless tee shirt (I just bought five from L.L. Bean) and then a semi-sleeved blouse over that to mimic a jacket. This will not get best dressed awards, but at least I don't look like a total slob.

I'm converting a very lightweight long-sleeved shirt into a semi-sleeved blouse. I found the pattern for the original and I can make the semi-sleeves out of the long sleeves. This morning I picked out the stitching and removed the original sleeves. The rest shouldn't take too long. Then I'll have a lavender shirt which I figure can go with the navy slacks and a white tank top. The shirt formerly did duty as a yard work shirt to protect from sun and poison ivy. Last year I bought a long-sleeved shirt with an SPF rating, so if I ever do yard work again that will be on my body.

I don't think it rained any last night, but even so the temp today was only in the low 90s.

I called my insurance company about the windshield and it will be repaired--at my house--Thursday afternoon. I double-checked with the glass people and it's a good thing. The insurance people said it would be in the AM; the glass people said it would be in the PM. When I went to go out today I noticed that the crack had grown another five or six inches. Luckily, it curved downward a bit so it is not directly across my field of vision. Total cost: just the $50 deductible.

Another IUD, right?

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