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even though yesterday felt like Saturday, today felt quite all right as a Wednesday. Since that's what day it is, feeling like it's Wednesday is quite appropriate.

Enough of dithering.

I THOUGHT I had kept Bad Cat from slipping out this morning, but there she was, waiting for me at the end of the patio when I came home. My first thought was torn screens, but they are all intact. I guess she snuck behind me as I maneuvered out the door. At that point I'm watching just where I put my feet, and she probably slipped behind me. Either that or she can teleport.

Today I was sorting through Alumnae Newsletters dating back to 1935. They're interesting. What began as just a newsletter eventually developed into a slick, colorful magazine. The archivist is going to keep all the newsletter versions in the same place. There's also a box with notes for articles in the more recent publications. (I'll get to that one on Friday.)

Oh yes--and Susan told me I needed to fill out an I-9 form. That means I will be getting some money! Note to self: put passport in "purse." A passport suffices for the required two forms of ID.

Back in the late 80s when I went on the Tulane payroll as a TA I used a birth certificate and my driver's license. The woman handling the form had problems with the birth certificate--it had no serial number. I pointed out to her that it was from a while back and she finally settled on making a copy of it. I guess Immigration found that acceptable.

Ever since I got a passport I've used it for I-9 ID. The current passport has quite a few pages used up! Last winter's "adventure" resulted in four stamps--two each from Kenya and Tanzania. They didn't bother to stamp it when I re-entered the U.S. but that was probably because as a sicko I pretty much bypassed scanners and immigration officers.

Tomorrow I get windshield fixed. The crack has about doubled from its original length.

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