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This evening I glanced toward the front of the house and noticed a certain cat happily perched on the porch railing--outside of the house. I went to look around once again, but this time I found her outlet. There was a tear in the screen of the porch door up at the top.

I got some leftover screen, the step stool, and the staple gun and scissors. There's a patch up there, but who knows how long that will last. Next time I run into the carpenter guy I'm going to talk with him about putting wood lattice over the screens to the unscreened part of the porch. That would keep the dog out and her in. Probably.

So she doesn't teleport.

Sr. Joan Chittister has another thought provoking column this week. And this afternoon NPR had a segment about the death toll of Iraqis. (See the link on the left for the current guesstimate of civilian deaths.)

There were more people than usual at work today. A bunch of students do work/study at the center, and they drift in and out. The computer guru was there doing something geekish. The fancy new printer that (supposedly) does everything except make coffee has been on the fritz since last Friday. The guy who came to fix it couldn't that day. Monday was the day before a holiday, and Wednesday he didn't show. Yesterday, apparently, he supposedly got it to print in black and white, but not color. But it doesn't. So there's an old printer hooked up. The computers in the whole department can supposedly order print jobs. I've printed out a couple of things that I've done. Monday I need to type up some more box inventories and I'd sure like to print them out. I like to put one in each box and also keep a copy for myself.

Tomorrow is Saturday and I can't go PJing the whole afternoon like I usually do. I called my regular tree guy about the big loblolly pine that is dead and he said he'd be by "Saturday evening." That translates as afternoon. It's not like I don't have anything that needs to be done around the house, but I'm not in the mood to do it. Guess I'll have to get into the mood. Anyway, the tree does need to come down before storm season.

Maybe I'll go to Arby's/PJ's in the early evening if the tree guy gets here early enough.

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