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Here it is, about 1730, and I can't remember much of what I did today, at least so far.

One thing was to finish reading Three for a Letter by Eric Mayer. It was a good read, and I then "set it free" at PJ's.

Ahh--that's where the afternoon went--reading down there. I'm currently reading about family formation, sexual dimorphism etc. I learned that female lions are better at hunting than males, but the males sort of tag along behind to keep an eye on the "kids" and protect the rear. They also patrol around the "family" territory and scent it to establish territorial markers.

And the reason why females are (generally) better hunters than males? That big mane the males have is not particularly conducive to subtle sneaking up on and stalking prey.

So there's your totally trivial tidbit (TTT) for the (unremarkable) day.

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