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Probably Tomorrow
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That's when I'll most likely break down and light the furnace pilot. At least it's far enough along in the fall that the ambient temperature is not likely to be high enough to force the furnace fan to cycle on to clear out an overheated fire box. (That's why I kill the pilot for the summer--that and the conservation of a fossil fuel.)

I did some driveway weeding this afternoon, and once again there wasn't a drop of sweat on me. I got the really tall weeds out and a lot of the grass that insists on growing in the gravel. It probably looks somewhat better.

And I do believe I am winning the battle of the screen door that BadCat keeps tearing out to make her private whenever-she-wants-to exit from the house. I found some narrow wood strips and I have been nailing them in key places on the door. Her body weight, if she's hooked to screen by her claws, will pull out the staples, but nailed-down strips seem to be working--so far.

The Saints had a bye week so there weren't any games I was really interested in watching. (That's why I was out weeding.) I had the Colts game on for a while, rooting for them against the Redskins. (The Colts quarterback is a New Orleans boy.) The Colts were nicely ahead the last time I checked.

Last week (or so) the New Orleans paper had an article that began on the front page in both English and Spanish. My thought was hurray. But there were some really nasty letters to the editor about it. I wonder how many of those self-righteous nativists had some of "them" doing Katrina repairs on their property.

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