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The furnace is now officially on, and will no doubt stay on till some time in April or May when it starts blowing accumulated hot air around when the ambient temperture rises.

It's nice and comfy. I don't think the cats have realized that the floor registers are once again pushing hot air out.

I spent a lot of today at the copy machine. Mona had a bunch of scrapbooks and today I copied two of them. This entailed dismantling the scrapbooks, and then trying to keep track of whether I'd copied both sides of the pages. The copies will last a lot longer than the originals, which also get saved. I was really pleased to find that the white (grayish) writing on the black pages reproduced legibly. That saves me the work of adding identifications to the pictures.

I started going through a third scrapbook, which was all about her various cats and dogs. It was so sad when I learned that she had lost both a cat and a dog within a span of two weeks. By that time her mother had been gone for about eight years, so she was living alone except for her beloved menagerie.

Sunrise and sunset are currently at the "in your eyes" stage, both for going and returning. The visor doesn't do much when the rising sun bores in through the windshield at the exact level of your eyeballs. And then when I head towards New Orleans it's coming in through the driver's side window. Oh well, in a week or so that problem will be gone--till it happens again during standard time.

I've mentioned the general road speed on the section of interstate going through New Orleans east. Speed limit is 60, and speed of the road is 70+ in the morning. And lately in the afternoon it's been closer to 80. Today things changed. New Orleans is short on cops, but the interstate is also Highway Patrol territory, and they were out this afternoon. I saw one person getting a ticket. The speed of the road stayed at 70.

And the house is nice and toasty warm.

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