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Birthday Lunch
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This was the day to take YD to lunch to celebrate her recent birthday. Work stuff precluded doing it on her actual birthday, but the thought was there.

After lunch I headed back home, stopping at the roadside produce stand for a bag of satsumas. I missed last year's satsuma season because the two places where I've bought them before had been Katrina'd.

The rest of my day was fairly laid back. I settled in at PJ's for reading, planning to stay there till it was time for the literacy student. However, she called to cancel out. So I read some more, then meandered home.

I stopped at Hancock's to see if I could find brown fabric for slacks. It's beside the point that I could probably open a fabric store myself with I have bought and not gotten around to sewing, but so what. Brown has not been that popular a color in no-iron slacks fabrics. I got a really dark brown pinstripe and and a more cinnamon-ey brown. I can't cut stuff out until I clear off the table, which is currently home to income tax stuff. Thus--I have an incentive to get the damn tax out of the way.

No little tidbits today about male lions being lousy hunters. Today I was reading about baboons. During the part of my Kenya trip when I wasn't in the hospital I saw several troops of baboons. Unfortunately, this was from enough distance that I couldn't see any details of their hierarchy etc.

Our cool spell is waning--we're in the winter cycle of cold, warm, rain, cold, warm, rain. Today was significantly warmer than yesterday. By Thursday it will be raining, and then the cycle starts again.

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