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Had a short break from Mona this morning, when the archivist/librarian asked me to do a bit of searching for a cross-section of books being read by Newcomb women back around the twenties. She needed the information for something she is writing, I think.

Every little bit of new stuff is welcome.

After that I went back to copying scrapbook/photo albums. I think she had four of them and all but one has been copied. We don't throw out the originals, but file those away with plain paper between each page. I'm going to do one entire box of scrapbook copies and originals. At least the ones I was doing today weren't on the black photo album paper like some of them. Instead, she used the pages that are somewhat sticky and have clear covers on them. I checked about those covers and they had to come off.

Today's meanderings through her life resulted in finding a couple of "geneology" lists, which should help figure out who is what relation. One of the relatives had a place in Slidell.

And, I finally found what might be dating. There's a guy in a several pictures over about a four year period, and those pix sure look like there are equal numbers of males and females having fun.

My mail just had a note from the archivist, forwarding an e-mail from someone who had donated her papers. I had done the preliminary inventory and discovered some client records (this person is an art therapist). I had questioned their presence in archives, and she agreed that they didn't belong there.

And miracle of miracles--I didn't get caught in the usual slowdown before the Twin Spans of the interstate. They're doing work and the interstate narrows to two lanes further back from where it used to. Not only did I miss that, but my timing was such that I didn't have to wait seemingly forever to make my left turn onto the road leading to the old bridge. Highway 11 gets the workers at Halter Marine who are heading west. And getting to that intersection just as a (large) group of workers are going by doesn't help the back-ups on the interstate.

But then it's good that there are enough people back to cause traffic delays. Not all "back to normal" is positive.

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