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I reluctantly located a box that I had described as "contains an large, old, photo album, with crumbling pages."

Crumbling pages are a mild description. It's the things glued to those pages that are holding the paper together. I got maybe halfway through the album, letting the crumbling edges fall ooff, and in some places trimming the falling-off edges somewhat more neatly. Monday I'll finish, then copy all those pages. It's a large album, so I'll have to reduce the size of the copies. I'll note that in my inventory. Once I have all the pages copied, as well as the notes in envelopes and the pamphlets and the pictures of children, I'll be better able to talk about just what is there.

As I was checking out the pictures of her first class, the name on one little girl's picture seemed rather familiar. I checked the dates, did some simple arithmetic, and realized that this child had grown up to be the department secretary for my husband's company when we were in Louisiana in the 60's. I think I'll send it to the guy who was sort of boss then and see if he remembers. (Rocketdyne people kept running into each other for years at different assignments. We moved to Florida, then this guy was transferred there. Then he was sent to Louisiana/Mississippi and within a year we were also here.)

Mona taught first grade for several years, got her Master's degree wwhen she was about 26, and then became a reading specialist. She went on to do various teacher training and workshops.

Every time I run across a bit more of her life's "timeline" I toss a note into a special folder. I shall eventually write up a short biography of her.

The Women's Center library received a carton of books recently--leftovers from a publisher's donation to a local high school. They're all the same--copies of a book by Henry Fielding's sister. I "met" Henry in an 18th Century Novel class my first semester back in school in 1983. He wrote Tom Jones. I had planned to bring the two copies I snagged home with me, but forgot them, as well as the yellowed dress I'm going to try to whiten. Once the people in the library had taken the copies they wanted, Christina (librarian) set them out in the lobby of the building with a sign saying "TAKE ONE.' I was eating lunch (in the lobby) and most of the students who came in looked to see what was there--and took a copy.

I have a three-day weekend ahead of me. As usual, I probably have about ten days' worth of to-do tasks. Unfortunately a lot of them are "really ought to-do" things, like laundry and cleaning, Oh yeah--and income tax.

Let's see if the Cards can win again tonight. I'm a National League person. Actually, I was rooting for the Mets once I found out that they are team our Zephyrs (minor league) will be a farm team for next year. Maybe next year. For now, it's Go Cards.

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