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I was going to do yard work today, but it was raining by the time I got home from an early grocery run. And it continued to rain off and on.

On the bright side, I got done with the shopping and transfer of goodies to the car before the sprinkles began. And I grabbed the paper on my way out to shop.

I spent much of the afternoon at PJ's reading the Michael Crichton book. (Can't recall the title right now, but it's in a previous post.) I hope to finish it this evening.

Come spring this PJ's will be relocating--the landlord is responsible, I hear. A lot of basic upkeep has been ignored and the place is sort of "shabby chic." The building is way more than a hundred years old, and was built by an early entrepreneur of Slidell. When we lived here in the 60's I used to shop occasionally at his local "department store." (He, of course, was long gone, but his descendants owned the store and the house.)

Apparently it will relocate to near one of the hospitals, which will put it way out of convenient for me. There's another PJ's a bit past WalMart, but it doesn't have the "cozy" feel. Post-Katrina I practically lived there, along with half the remaining population. It had electricity AND internet. Judging by the number of multiple plugs and extension cords, it's probably a miracle that it didn't overload circuits. At one point a couple of insurance agents had not only their computers but a printer set up. After hours you could see some people sitting on the sidewalk in front or to the side where they could pick up the internet.

Anyway, today was pretty much of a nothing day--definitely and IUD.

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