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Last month I learned that my local Walgreen's was out of the 25 mg BP med that I take. No problem--the pharmacist just broke up 50 mg. tabs.

This month they are STILL out of them. And they are also out of 50 mg. tabs.

BUT--I go into New Orleans regularly, and drive right past a great big beautiful Walgreen's on the way home.

AND--I have a New Orleans phone directory.

So, I called a renewal in to them, for pickup tomorrow afternoon. (Gotta love the computer age and Walgreen's nationwide links.)

Cross fingers that the shortage on the North Shore does not extend to New Orleans. There's a very good chance that they may have different suppliers. The pharmacy tech at my local one said not only were all the Slidell Walgreen'ses on backorder for the stuff, but the other pharmacies in town were too.

Whatever. Let's hope the New Orleans one is okay.

It rained this morning, but let up enough after lunch that I headed for PJ's with my Brian Fagan book.

I spent the afternoon reading about the major climate changes some 10,000 years ago and the effects on the humans.

He has quite a way with recreating the past. I think I read somewhere that he's considered one of the best writers of prehistorical archaeology.

I don't think I was aware that what is now the Black Sea was a freshwater lake originally. Melting glaciers raised the ocean levels to the point that the water broke through at the Sea of Marmara and changed the Euxine Lake into the Black Sea. (I have swum in the Black Sea.)

Last night CC decided to cuddle and was stretched out alongside me for most of the night.

Yesterday evening I heard Pogo on the porch, rolling the the dish that I use for cat possum chow around. I didn't have any more cat chow in the house, and I didn't feel like going out to the car for the bag I had not yet brought in.

So I grabbed about half a dozen raccoon biscuits and went to the front porch. I was able to open the door and gently toss the biscuits out without Pogo running off.

Then I watched him with the biscuits. He(?) picked them up with his front paws, then started nibbling. And ignored me. One thing--I was able to see his hind feet clearly, and they definitely have opposable thumbs.

I just hope Pogo is a he, even though possumlets would probably be very cute.

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