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Definitely Incredibly Unremarkable--but just how did I spend it?

CC cuddled with me all night--sleeping with a cat curled up on you is very comforting. I suspect having another living creature to cuddle with is as comforting to a cat as it is to a human.

For some reason I was really "creaky" this morning, but it eventually worked itself out by noonish. Shortly after that I headed for PJ's for some "quality" reading--the Brian Fagan book. I am still very enthusiatic about it, and having taught about the period it covers (somewhat) makes it even more meaningful.

I have probably one more "reading session" left on it, but that won't come till Friday, unless for some reason I don't go in to work tomorrow.

Weather today was lovely--just the right temperature to be comfortable without being cool or cold.

On the way home I stopped at WalMart for a few things I sort of needed, such as critter food of a couple of varieties, and a few I didn't really need, such as some M&Ms.

What else can be said about an IUD?

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