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Is It Time for Bed Yet?
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My body is currently begging for some sleep. And it's too late to take a short nap. If I do that it will end up being a long nap that doesn't last the whole night--and there is NOTHING on TV in the middle of the night if you can't sleep/get back to sleep. And you are too tired to read.

I headed for work at the usual time (0600) with fog around me. It wasn't heavy fog, but it was there. I couldn't see over to the interstate. My merge into interstate traffic was unbelievably easy. I wondered if there had been an accident on the twin spans.

Traffic moved at a steady speed with no tie-ups or stupid drivers, and I unlocked the door to the building just before 7 AM.

I had just unlocked the library, turned off the alarm and turned on the lights when the librarian arrived. She lives within walking distance and generally comes by on her AM walk. We chatted a few minutes and then she went off.

I spent the day working on the latest collection and made visible progress. There's probably at least two weeks' (at two days a week) work left.

I put in a call to a dr. for a prescription renewal, leaving the message on her machine. She returned my call before lunch and I think we got everything squared away. I've put "drugstore" near the top of my tomorrow list.

Once the fog had all burned off it was a gorgeous day--not too hot and not too cool. The drive home was equally uneventful, other than a big slowdown about where I-10 and I-610 merge. That's five lanes into three. And up ahead there was some kind of breakdown that closed off a lane for a ways.

New Orleans has this Motorist Assistance Patrol thing. It's vans with flashing lights that can block off a lane an appropriate distance from an accident, and/or stop and help change a tire or whatever. Since that appeared the number of traffic slowdowns has really gone down.

Today's slowdown appeared to have been the result of two cars trying to be in the identical space-time continuums. (or maybe it's "continua")

And right now my body is trying to convince me that it would be happy with just a brief nap--15 minutes or so--and then I'd still be able to go to sleep at the usual time.

And we all know that isn't the way things work.

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