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A New Month
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And a new color scheme. Blue seems to be sort of soothing, and the weather tends to be better when the sky is blue.

I headed on in to work today bright and early. It's several days since I last drove in, so it's a lot brighter even though it's the same time.

And--I had a very productive day with the archival records. I'm pretty sure I've passed the halfway mark in round one of processing. (And that's the most time-consuming round.)

I chatted a bit with the archivist and got the okay on a file-within-a-file trick I started using. Aside from the cost of archival file folders, there were a lot of files with only two or three sheets of paper each. So I made mini-folders with acid-free paper and put three or four of those in the regular folder. That makes a space-saver AND reduces the number of (not-cheap) archival folders.

On the way home I swung through a Wendy's sort of near Tulane and got a cappuccino frosty shake to keep me company on the drive home. (The large one lasts almost the entire drive.)

Once home I was greeted enthusiastically by CC. Once Stripe heard the can opener, he poised himself at the entrance to the porch to await his half can of yummy wet food.

My tentative plans are to go in to work again tomorrow. Wednesday I have a dr. appointment, and Thursday I see the estate attorney again. I guess I'll wait till Friday to more or less collapse and rest.

This evening? Back to reading about heaving bosoms while I watch mindless TV.

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