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The early weather report didn't sound too promising, and I had tons of stuff to do around the house. I'll make Friday my second day of work this week.

Tomorrow I have a chiropractor appointment, and Thursday an appointment with the lawyer.

But today was relatively restful, as days go. I managed to get the trash out to the road about an hour before collection time. My timing was fantastic--the mail had just arrived, as well as the paper.

Some indoor semi-tidying, then a look at the weather radar to see if I could get errands done without getting drowned.

The fan in the den quit running on low the other day. There are plenty of times coming up when that will not bother me, but at the moment medium and high are a bit too much.

That was item #1 on the "list" when I headed out. There were a couple of others, but that (and a prescription renewal) was/(were) at the top of the list.

I got that stuff done and headed to Arby's, getting there about ten minutes before the rain started. The rain was nice enough to let up when I was driving home and the air is now lovely and cool without being soggy.

Late this morning I had a conversation with my friend in Mobile. We exchanged information on when we'd be travelling, and determined that our annual "Gulf Coast Women's History Conference" would happen in early August. I think we missed last year somehow.

At the moment it's pleasantly cool, thanks to the rain. But then, it's only the beginning of June.

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