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Early today
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This morning I had a chiropractor appointment, followed by coffee and reading at the nearby PJ's.

I stopped at WalMart for some mid-week stuff, then headed home, where I had a fairly extensive "sinking spell."

My current plan is to do some yard work, now that it is late afternoon and not (yet) raining. Then I'll wash my hair tonight so it's nice tomorrow when I see the lawyer again.

How's that for high excitement!

I started reading the newest Eve Dallas whodunit by Nora Roberts yesterday, and am really caught up in it.

Speaking of books, in about 20 days one that I have preordered should be in the mail. (I have also preordered its successor, due for release in Jan. '10.)

When I gave CC her supper, Stripe was curled up on the outer part of the front porch. He's getting a little bolder each day on when he heads for the good stuff. As soon as I am back in the house he comes in through the torn screen (torn up by an elderly dog soon after Katrina) and heads straight for the half can of food.

We are settling into the summer weather pattern of relatively frequent afternoon showers. I haven't decided whether the cooling effects of showers truly offsets the rise in humidity.

Just another IUD around here.

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