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I had to go into New Orleans again today and ended up parking about two blocks from where I needed to be.

It was a typical summer day, with no gray clouds for relief. Luckily, I had a bottle of flavored liquid with me, and it didn't take long to use that up.

The hip hurt only when walking, and later when I returned to the parking garage it almost didn't hurt at all. When I got to the car I downed most of a 12 oz. can of Coke (there are times when it pays to be slothful about bringing groceries in) and finally started to feel partially human again.

I realized that I could not remember how to get on the interstate at the Canal St. entrance. I may never have done this.

So, with one thing and another and one-way streets, I ended up on Howard Avenue and recognized absolutely nothing about the spaghetti bowl of ramps to and from the interstate.

I headed in what seemed like the correct direction, and--thanks to a bunch of courteous drivers who let me change lanes at the next-to-last minute--next thing I knew was that the signs said "I-10 EAST." That's the direction I wanted.

And I could now go almost on autopilot. The Force was also with me in that there were no High Rise slowdowns or stupid drivers.

I stopped at Popeye's as I drove through Slidell. Apparently they got some crippled chickens. A two-piece order (light meat) normally has a breast and a wing. But for some reason (see above?) they were out of wings and would I mind if they substituted a second breast!! The breast has about six times the meat as a wing.

So now I have fried chicken for tomorrow too.

And I am tired. That walking in the heat almost did me in.

I need to get to bed early so that I can wake up in time to get to work before the good parking spots have all been taken.

I also wonder if I will receive another gift this evening.

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