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Cat Censor?
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Cat just lost her spot next to me when she deleted an almost completed entry. I think her tail whapped the ESC key.

YD and I spent most of the afternoon in New Orleans, at the lawyer's office while we signed all sorts of stuff, and then the two witnesses signed that we had signed.

The lawyer seemed quite pleased at the copy of the book YD had for her.

The office was in a state of almost-chaos, as they are moving from the 35th floor to the 38th. Empty bookcases kept going past the door to the conference room, and the law library appeared about half missing.

My lawyer will be losing her gorgeous view of the river, but I guess there area good reasons for the new location.

The parking garage was not full (it was the day I went in) and we had to circle up "only" fifteen levels before we found a spot.

But it was a good day and we ran into no traffic snarls.

I left Anna the little albino gorilla that I got at the blood center. (She was at day camp or something.)

So--I am now up to date on legal matters, and hope that the will won't be needed for a long time.

Tomorrow I'm having a back treatment, and I called a long-time friend and invited her to lunch. She picked me up once before and we're both looking forward to catching up on stuff.

The fluorescent strip over my sink died, and it's a good thing I took the dead one with me. The proper replacement is described as an aquarium light. I put the new one in and now I can see what I'm doing at the sink.

I can also see any dirty dishes or what ever--maybe I was better off with it out of commission.

Current reading: Stephanie Plum's Finger-Lickin' Fifteen. I expect to finish it this evening.

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